today on my lunch break i tried on my coworkers electrical shock bracket and shocked myself with it

it didn’t work the first time so we had to try it two or three times

@hyperlink hype they're feeding you animal chow and physically punishing you at work.


@selontheweb to be fair i volunteered for both the animal chow and the electrical punishment

@hyperlink @selontheweb ??? how does that work? they see something that’s on sale and then shock themselves manually?? how does the bracelet know?

@Sapphicgiraffic untagging sel because they hate this but yeah they shock themself

@hyperlink and they paid money for this device? why not just steal a rubber band from the supply cabinet and snap it on their wrist like a normal person?? like you wanted to stop spending money and your solution was... spending money?? please tell me they bought the shock bracelet during a sale, please!!!

just own up to being a masochist at that point, be honest with ur self, smh

@Sapphicgiraffic @hyperlink there's gotta be a better way. Like a Bluetooth shock bracelet so you can have your phone trigger shocks for some event so you can give yourself a complex about whatever you want

@hyperlink @tiff @Authoritimmy Improve Your Sleep (With Shock Clock 2) omg i’m dying what??

but also, the important question here, did they pay full price, or was it on sale???


@Sapphicgiraffic @hyperlink @Authoritimmy lightly taze yourself to sleep! and it's possible they got an early bird discount from Kickstarter.

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