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Wanting a short game to stress the GPU and to plow through in a day or two..

Somewhere along the line I got much worse at Mario but I'm still watching the Mario Maker 2 Direct tonight.

Remembering to turn WiFi back on my phone before I stream videos in bed this time

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inside of you there are two wolves. They are called "fursonas," or furry characters members of the furry fandom use to represent themselves both online and in real life. In this video I will

If you take the bluepill, that feeds the blue wolf inside you. If you take the redpill, that feeds the red wolf inside you. Inside of you are both fursonas you made when you were a teenager.

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I wanna take one more $24 sketch tonight and I haven't asked Masto in a while!

Examples in #shugoart, first to respond to this toot claims it, boosts appreciated ❤🧀

Just popped the shrink on New Dreams Ltd's Sleepline. Is a good night to flop and listen to tunes.

On second thought looking up "arthur ratburn wedding" on youtube was a mistake.

PBS videos geoblocks and I can't believe I'm firing up the ol piracy engine to watch Arthur..

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Of course you should hire a squirrel for a software engineering position. They're experts in tree-traversal and caching, and they're very well acquainted with kernels.

Just discovered that wifi had been off on my phone for a few days. RIP my data plan.

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you: jfc
my last two braincells: jeantucky fried chicken

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this is vi, a dragon character who i've kinda been rehashing since i was a kid! these are a couple of lil comics i made with her a few weeks ago

#mastoart #dragons #comics

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Looks like I've got a weekend in NYC coming up and no idea what I want to get up to

One of my friends started playing Warframe and the Wolf of Saturn Six spawned on him and he failed his mission. He was mastery rank 1. RIP.

Fun fact: I am clinically incapable of playing of playing the Battlestar Galactica boardgame because I have the opposite of a poker face and if anyone asks me "are you the cylon" I turn beet read if I am.

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