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Me, Canadian: "Yeah buddy, no worries."
Me, Canadian, after traveling in NZ and meeting some aussies: "Nah, yea bro, no wukkas."

I'm broken and indecipherable at home now.

the owner of the nicest ip address is on CenturyLink

Ever create a WIP commit at the end of the day that's so messy you feel bad about pushing it to the remote? It'll be squashed before merge, but still..

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Cottagecore folks and city-obsessed hipsters get along because they've both been deeply traumatized by suburbia

Watching a meeting and the auto transcribe took the words "kernel bypass" and turned it into "cannabis"

One of my coworkers typoed "generate" as "genewate" and long story short we're reading the kubernetes docs through the UwU extension now

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new kickstarter announced for .bunny gtld

funder perks include:
- yourname@bunny email address, guaranteed to cause MTA issues everywhere
- access to my stash of rabbit gifs
- rabbit sized knitted hat

stretch goal:
- also registering .bune

Why do working holiday visas have age limits? I am just as incapable of taking time off from work as I was when I was a youth

Any recs for a laptop available in Canada with 5G and a good x86 CPU and at least 8 gigs of ram?

I did not expect to live this long and I am totally unprepared for this current midlife crisis

Years 1-25 were very slow but everything after that happened at a pace I wish was illegal.

I always have a 20000 mah battery and several cables in my purse please have some juice

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I get anxious when I see a phone screenshot where someone's below 50% battery

Silly me forgetting to buy travel insurance before my trip. And now everyone's closed for the weekend.

alc, alcohol 

Bought a bottle of wine from my local shop they called orange wine. I was expecting it to be made out of oranges but it's just pinot grigio and gewürztraminer and called orange because of the colour.

I've had some coolers in Florida that used orange wine as a base that tasted like food colouring. I was hoping to have some wine made from oranges that tasted decent on its own.

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RT Oh Larry! Coming out the tunnel face first just cracked me up! Those ears!

I finally detangled the nest of cables in my bag and found two fitbit cables I thought I lost, one for a device I no longer own.

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