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RT Excuse me why is there a turkey here, Thanksgiving isn't for another few months

220 AQI? That's not a good prize

*shoves nest of cables back into laptop bag* I should organize and wrap these.. Later.

"I slept in and don't have enough time before work to make coffee, I'll just have a caffeine pill."
"Time for a break. I'll make coffee."

And that's why my hands are shaking.

Just saved another $50 on a train ticket with my Hosteling International membership. Honestly the $140 lifetime membership is one of the best purchases I ever made, even aside from the hostel discounts.

Trying to practice taking pictures of buns and got photobombed

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As much as I like being on it might be a little constraining

I also have other fursonas!

first track would work so well in a point n click cyberpunk adventure game

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tonight's album is Perturbator's Lustful Sacraments. Picked out my preferred headphones. Gonna chill and groove.

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reducing my latency by holding my Switch closer to my face

A crop of the photo including my tea set. Please appreciate the tea bunnies.

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One of the best compliments I received recently was when I showed a picture of something completely unrelated and someone said I had a cute tea set. It was in frame but not the focal point. I was glowing for days.


ever get so drunk that you wake up with new pronouns?

sometimes the reduction in inhibition is good I guess

I put they/them in my acceptable pronouns and one of my friends started using it and i started to like it and then I asked other friends to use it and now I got feelings

My fancy new dice came in and they look great, going to do a shoot with the other sets this weekend I think

*types git switch 69-deploy in console, struggles to not say "nice deploy" in video call*

So far after doing Tidal and Deezer trials I really enjoy the 360 Audio but figure the tech will die because of price and segmentation and it'll be a Techmoan video in 10 years.

It's a really nice feature, but if I'm deciding between $20 Tidal and $15 Deezer, my answer is no.

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