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With this lockdown about the only thing I can do is walk so it'd be nice to be able to walk properly again.

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Oh thank fuck my chiropodist reopened. I have a leg length discrepancy and haven't been able to get new footwear in more than a year.

One of the discord servers I'm on changed its icon to have a notification(1) badge and I've reached my april fool's capacity for the year.

James Hoffman did a review on the bripe and he even posted it before april fool's

I meant to sudo apt-get remove samba but I did sudo apt-get remove netbois.

Now I've had coffee and nothing can stop me.

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Woke up to the sun beaming on my rainbow flag. Feeling energized and super gay.

woke up from an unexpected nap. I was going to say don't give me 4x games before bed because I'm still recovering from downloading Endless Space 2 on thursday. really, just don't give me 4x games.

re: alc, alcohol 

It's also weird to be buying groceries from my local bar/cafe but I'd rather give my markup to my local than to a grocery chain.

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alc, alcohol 

I chatted with my bartender/cafe owner a few days ago about the before times, and he made a batch of my favourite cocktail to put in the fridge before my next grocery run.

We only recently were allowed to bottle cocktails here so this feels extra sweet.

Oh my god, I'd decided on a point and click adventure because I was tired of games whose problem solving was limited to "use gun on man." Turns out that I was stuck in this room for so long because the solution was "use gun on cheese."

"You know it's been a while since I played Sam & Max, I'll try the new 3d game."
*it opens up in fullscreen 4:3*
"Oh right, it's 15 years old now."

Naturally I can't find it after searching for an hour, but then I find it minutes after I buy a new one

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Welp the Fitbit Sense is $50 off so I guess I'll upgrade

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My fitbit is somewhere in my flat, I can still sync it, but I have no idea where it is. Wish it had a beep button.

Contemplating asking the family to switch to the they/them

Spider friend that was wintering just on the inside of my window has now switched to the outside of the window so I guess it's spring

Went for a walk and it's 18C.. whew.

Nice and pleasant but kind of presses up the urgency of what to do with my hair now that it's too warm for toques.

I bought the least expensive HMD lens cover on ebay without realizing what kind of artifact I'd be bringing into my home

Looks like outdoor haircuts might reopen. I haven't had a haircut in 7 months 3 weeks and now I have no idea what to do with my hair. Maybe I want to grow it out.

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