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My fitbit is somewhere in my flat, I can still sync it, but I have no idea where it is. Wish it had a beep button.

Contemplating asking the family to switch to the they/them

Spider friend that was wintering just on the inside of my window has now switched to the outside of the window so I guess it's spring

Went for a walk and it's 18C.. whew.

Nice and pleasant but kind of presses up the urgency of what to do with my hair now that it's too warm for toques.

I bought the least expensive HMD lens cover on ebay without realizing what kind of artifact I'd be bringing into my home

Looks like outdoor haircuts might reopen. I haven't had a haircut in 7 months 3 weeks and now I have no idea what to do with my hair. Maybe I want to grow it out.

I was hopeful that I finally found a device that could support the kindle books that I bought AND the Libby app my library supports, but I guess it's back to stripping DRM

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Good news: My color eink android reader arrived!
Bad news: Apparently every android reader app has page turning animations that you can't turn off, so they nuke the battery life and have awful ghosting

Sometimes I see elements of pure joy that give me life. The other day it was a couple walking their pitbull who was springing approximately 6 feet in the air every alternate step while on the way to the dog park.

The winning secret was to keysmash as soon as I picked up. It detected a live line that time.

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I scheduled a callback with Koodo. Pick up. "Hello?" *long pause* "This is your Koodo callback. We'll try to reach you later. *hang up*" Auuuugh. Just let me call a human.

It's "1 serving of Access to this page was restricted by the administrator" that gets me

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I tried the new recipe reader app and the first results made me wonder if it the new site was performance art

Covid, - 

I didn't expect they'd announce us getting out of lockdown, but hearing about the extension today just cratered my mood. And now we're in wave 3.

I have furry art ideas dot txt but I need furry art ideas dot exe

*remembers to take vitamins*
*pours glass of water*
*forgets to take vitamins, drinks glass of water*

Huh. Fun side effect of every cafe selling groceries now. I'm getting way more points on my credit card 'cause it's 3x points at cafes but only 1x at grocery stores.

After being really excited by the NeosVR face and eye tracking demos I've joined the waitlist for the decagear.

Built in face tracking. I might keep the Index for 120hz and use this for social.

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