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Also I'm sure I've said this before but Brad Leone is a golden retriever in a toque and human suit. He's great.

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About a month and a half ago I decided to grow my hair out, which means I've reached the self-conscious phase... now.

Why is this a feature? Why limit matchmaking on the same platform based on what store you bought something from?

This jury rigged treadmill desk was worth every penny

I want to play the Scott Pilgrim ps3 game I bought, but, I don't want to screw around with ps3 emulators

Netflix getting weirdly needy and thirsty in my notifs

"it's not the right time for team collect rolled up tabs that have been in people's mouths."

Remember how Doug Ford got rid of sick days in Ontario? Maybe COVID-19 will encourage him to put them back and then some.

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Time to open!

I'm taking Animal Crossing-style portrait commissions for $50 each! Colored, shaded, and one of nine different backgrounds.

DM or Discord to request a slot!

I feel a little bit like a sucker but I paid the $40 for the Division 2 DLC 'cause it promises the ending that the base game didn't have.

I got levelled up to 30 and now I have no idea how the game works anymore or how to read any of these stats or how to make a build.

Welp, to the wiki!

Cast my vote for the Open Source Initiative board election

If you haven't booked your flights to FE yet, there's a bunch of cheap flights to Toronto right now. Even for March 19th/20th.

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I drew a short comic about my love of roller coasters in celebration of getting to ride my 100th unique coaster tomorrow

Bad: dropped my phone
Good: the huge mess of cables hanging from my desk caught it and slowed it enough so it didn't shatter to a million pieces

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This one time I made a typo in a file, copied+pasted it a few times, and then used find and replace to fix it.

The next morning when looking over the diff we realized I'd reversed the "find" and "replace" so I'd actually spread the typo over the entire codebase.

I probably was too tired to have been working that late.

Good news everyone, the Steam visual novel sale includes an animals + dragons category

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