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40 minutes to connect and my first flight averages 26 minutes late.. This is going to be fun.

"with these earplugs and face mask I hope I don't sleep past 11am checkout"
*wakes up at 612*
"oh.. Kay."

And so I put a fresh towel up on my bunk, excess food into the free bin, and prepare for the trip from the hostel to home

It's even happened when taking a director out on a tour of the city

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Why is it whenever I backpack I get asked where to buy cocaine
I know where to buy booze and weed not coke

Every time I get a shipping notice for a record I preordered and forgot about I want to thank my past self for the gift.

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One more day of work and one sleep and I head home.


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Endlessly entertained by the mouse that's scurrying around everyone's feet at this patio

Wanna be home nao. Ah well, soon enough.

Downloading The Outer Worlds on the fast coworking WiFi before heading back to the hostel. Looking forward to trying it on the desktop at home.

Why is it still so hard to buy a complete set of Adventure Time I can play on my Android in HD?

It rained every day I was here but clear skies and sunny when I depart. Welp.

I can tell I'm disconnected from pop culture because I just saw an ad for a new subscription service from a large fruit flavoured company and recognized none of the shows

I've reached the "bodyslam the bag until it closes" part of the trip

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Being in a hotel and getting addressed as <Honorific> <Surname> is still very strange to me

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