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It's great that the Garfield Eats app keeps sending me coupons but they don't need to be push notifications while I'm hours away from the nearest Garfield Eats.

My cyberpunk adventure game where a social worker for homeless robots tries to stop a conspiracy of post-human trillionaires to impoverish the 99%, destroy Earth's biosphere, and live in space-resorts.
Help me pay rent and have food!

"Who would ever reach these temperatures?" I ask while looking at the Nintendo warranty information, shortly before I lay my Pro controller next to a cast iron frying pan because I was playing Mario Maker 2 while cooking.

Aka: "Why I've liberated all my ebooks and audiobooks of DRM".
Reminded that the Microsoft ebook store closes next week. The DRM'd books will stop working.

I cannot believe that sentence.

"The books will stop working."

I keep saying it and it sounds worse each time.

Okay, I think I got it. "Calling poutine Canadian is like calling haggis British. Technically true but doesn't give credit where it's due."

"There as Scottish scones, also known as British scones." Ohhh. Suddenly I understand why folks from Québec bristle at calling poutine Canadian.

Asked the local wine merchant about the cute new gadget he was wearing that looked like a smiley face. "Is that a pokemon go thing?" "No, I'm doing a late night shift, it's my panic button." Well, shit.

Hey YouTubers and twitch streamers: $40 for a royalty free library of music.

Since using to noise up my tracking profile I can't say the ads have gotten any different (I block them) but I've been using the Rich Person profile and the free samples Amazon sends me have gotten more expensive.

Poutine: Québécois potato salad? Please discuss.

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For bunnies and those that like them. Non-bunnies will receive complimentary bunny ears.