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The weekend only has Saturday 6am to 9am scheduled for clear skies and sun, so I might well stay up all night on Friday playing videogames and close out with the High Park cherry blossom bloom at sunrise.

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"Pre-order Borderlands 3 and get 10 free games!"

Yeah no I'll wait until I can preorder a key for a store that's not the Epic Store thanks

Had a dream last night where I was in London and it was just common knowledge that the Thames had 30 foot eels in it. Saw them swimming and was spooked. "Oh, a tourist!" Apparently one can make sushi for dozens.

if my photos were sold but I don't get any royalties am i a professional photographer?

@masanbol you have no idea how hard it was to find a picture that wasn’t big chungus

lol, finally sold a 2nd license to a photo! Nice! i r profeshional prohotgrapher

Woke up in the middle of the night realizing that a thing I ordered back in March is several weeks overdue

I woke up this morning and not only did I strip my mattress in my sleep, I knocked my lamp over and it shattered.

I want to visit NYC before 2 Bros raises their price from $1

If you filter "Gordon <verbed> that" out of your youtube suggestions the web is a lot better

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For bunnies and those that like them. Non-bunnies will receive complimentary bunny ears.