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Suddenly reminded of the guy last night that tried to order a vodka soda without vodka

Travel pro tip: if you as a single traveller get a room with two beds, ask for extra pillows and put the beds together. When you roll around you will always be able to find a cool pillow.

Philly's liquor laws are weird. Every restaurant is BYOB. Postmates won't deliver wine. What even is going on?

Today I first read the phrase "brotastrophe of dudes" and I'm going to have to steal that

Borderlands 3 is an Epic exclusive? Okay glad I didn't preorder. I'll wait.

Frustrating how many things don't work when I turn on the VPN. OneNote Syncing? Google Play updates? Fitbit? Is my VPN blocking them or are they blocking my VPN? I just don't want my bits flying in the clear on public wifi.

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video stabilized tokyo stomp is the primary means of locomotion in japan

Scan Comprete! 423,827 Viruses Found
A New Record!!

I found a listing for the KA-BAR spork+knife that doesn't have "tactical" anywhere in the marketing so I can buy it now.

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For bunnies and those that like them. Non-bunnies will receive complimentary bunny ears.