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Looking at myself in the mirror after being out all day and thinking "oh, I have committed fashion crimes today"

Netflix: you have too many downloaded videos. Please delete some and try again.
Me: [deletes two]
Netflix: you have too many downloaded videos....

Found out the Wellington zoo has a close encounter ticket where you can pet a red panda and that was an instant sale for me

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Bad news: This hostel has 2gb per device wifi limit.
Good news: I can set whatever mac address I want on my travel router.

Rolling out muscle soreness with a nalgene bottle. The form factor is less than ideal but the chilled water is nice.

Settling in to my backpacker habit of buying a couple drinks from every bar in line of sight of my hostel to grab WiFi creds and point the cantenna at later.

Oh cool. Tonight I'l be staying in the neighbourhood my favourite coffee shop is named after. Gonna have another flat white!

Nobody told me I was shooting in 4:3 this whole time. But anyways here's Tongariro alpine crossing.

Good morning. I'mma cross that mountain on the left today.

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For bunnies and those that like them. Non-bunnies will receive complimentary bunny ears.