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*wakes up 4 hours past her alarm, checks sleep report on fitbit* oh hey new high score

*playing Far Cry 6*
"okay let's mark a point on the map and hop into a car and hit the autodrive button"
*dies repeatedly*
"okay let's mark a point on the map and steal a fucking tank and hit the autodrive button"
*arrives safely*

Pet peeve: games that show 21:9 cutscenes on my 21:9 monitor letterboxed for 16:9

I dreamt I had a fancy d20 with a gyroscopically stabilized oled screen and it took voice commands and could talk. You could tell it "roll for an item against the reward chart" and it'd display the item when it landed.

I have too many tabs in this window to keep track of. I declare tab bankruptcy.

*opens new window instead of closing old tabs*

I was just thinking that I kinda wanted a retro laptop to run old games without taking up as much space as a full desktop, and then I remembered my IBM ThinkPad running Windows XP is old enough to drink in Quebec.

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RT πŸ°γ‚γƒΌγ„βœ¨ι€±ζœ«γ γ€œπŸŽΆ

Enjoy your weekend!

Yeah sex is great, but have you ever told a pun to your partner that's caused their entire polycule graph to groan?

I just asked my smart speaker something, spaced out on the answer, but I was too embarrassed to ask again so I just googled it myself.

just witnessed a teammate slack tag @.interrupt and the interrupt bot tagged just them back into the thread

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Are you a bunny bunny or a bnuuy bunny

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Are you a bunny bunny or a bnuuy bunny

Darn. Unintentionally took a 6 hour afternoon nap and woke up at midnight. Pretty much worst case scenario for my sleep habits.

Going through my old Spotify playlists and seeing how many greyed out tracks there are reminds me of why I like to buy my music

That makes two record players I've bought after Techmoan reviews

I didn't know what to do with myself all night so I watched that hour long video on minidiscs from Techmoan and now I still don't know what to do with myself

so now I have X as the gender marker on my driver's license, that didn't take long

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Walked past a speed check sign and apparently gay walking is about 6 km/h

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