I did not expect to live this long and I am totally unprepared for this current midlife crisis

Years 1-25 were very slow but everything after that happened at a pace I wish was illegal.

I always have a 20000 mah battery and several cables in my purse please have some juice

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I get anxious when I see a phone screenshot where someone's below 50% battery

Silly me forgetting to buy travel insurance before my trip. And now everyone's closed for the weekend.

alc, alcohol 

Bought a bottle of wine from my local shop they called orange wine. I was expecting it to be made out of oranges but it's just pinot grigio and gewürztraminer and called orange because of the colour.

I've had some coolers in Florida that used orange wine as a base that tasted like food colouring. I was hoping to have some wine made from oranges that tasted decent on its own.

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RT @Neil__Olive@twitter.com twitter.com/Neil__Olive/status: Oh Larry! Coming out the tunnel face first just cracked me up! Those ears!

I finally detangled the nest of cables in my bag and found two fitbit cables I thought I lost, one for a device I no longer own.

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RT @Curiosafuriosa@twitter.com twitter.com/Curiosafuriosa/sta Excuse me why is there a turkey here, Thanksgiving isn't for another few months

220 AQI? That's not a good prize

*shoves nest of cables back into laptop bag* I should organize and wrap these.. Later.

"I slept in and don't have enough time before work to make coffee, I'll just have a caffeine pill."
"Time for a break. I'll make coffee."

And that's why my hands are shaking.

Just saved another $50 on a train ticket with my Hosteling International membership. Honestly the $140 lifetime membership is one of the best purchases I ever made, even aside from the hostel discounts.

Trying to practice taking pictures of buns and got photobombed

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As much as I like being on bunny.blue it might be a little constraining

I also have other fursonas!

@Alistor yup! That's the exact model I have. :3 I've been aching for a portable turntable with a decent stylus for ages, and this fits the bill perfectly.

One of my travel habits is to go to a record shop and buy a few pieces from local musicians. I'll take it to demo used records, and to listen when I'm doing a flop in the hostel.

first track would work so well in a point n click cyberpunk adventure game

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tonight's album is Perturbator's Lustful Sacraments. Picked out my preferred headphones. Gonna chill and groove.

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