@ari I've been following some of my faves from youtube on Nebula

@chest_bot noice. Either I'm having a good soup or growing twice as large. Win/win.

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An example of a hyper-specific niche in a once widely popular platform: Loop cassettes

There are all kinds of convoluted internal pathways, but they do the same thing: Add length to seamlessly continuous playback

@Flipp that looks really cool but I have zero confidence in it sounding any good

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Hotels: I am so happy that you provide a number of bedding requests. Please do weighted blankets. It's one of those things that makes an -enormous- difference that I can't take with me.

Every time I come home after a trip that lasts more than a week
- omfg I wish hotels had weighted blankets it is so nice to be home
- it sucks that I have to carry a second keyboard because apple's macbook keyboard is unusable
- I am comforted by my coffee ritual

"oh the weather is good. Flight should be fine."
*flight delayed due to weather on the city my plane is coming from*
"Ohhh riiight.."

Doug Ford is a human timbit. Made under contract to rich heirs that cut benefits to workers.

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@azure in CWs here I assume it's Eye Contact

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Flight's in a few hours and I still can't check in. Putting on my garishly green good luck socks just in case.

@AzureHusky These're all good games. I just saw that Neo Cab came out, the trailer and life-after-automation theme looked neat.

@Balina would you like it? Might be fun to fit on your summer car.

Might order a FLIR on black Friday partly to track down why my home is too hot and partly because it's really cool

Just tried to use Samsung DeX to mouse+keyboard in the Call of Duty mobile game aaaaand.. didn't work as I hoped. Damn.

My laptop has 20gb of space free but my phone has 800gb free so I'm copying my movies to my phone before this trip. Also why is transferring by cable 10 mb/sec but wifi is way faster.

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