About to go outside so I put on sunglasses. Now it's too dark to put on my shoes so I turn on the light. I am clever.

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@fibonacci_reminder S'okay, I'll figure it out, just venting. Didn't expect the upgrade to be this painful.

I am currently having a not-good time.

I am not currently having a good time.

What is netplan? There's a yaml file to edit my network interface now? Why did my default gateway disappear from my routing table?

Computer starting going nuts and cranking the CPU fan and oh.. it's just steam updating

@Trysdyn oh jeez. Blessing in disguise. That container was still running in privileged mode. It was overdue for a rebuild.

@Trysdyn it's a lxc running in a 18.04 host so I'm less worried about the systemd stuff.

@Trysdyn yeah, took a backup right before, so I can restore to 14.04. Going to backup the vhosts in virtualmin, install 18.04 fresh, then import. Just gonna take a bit of time.

Doing a dist-upgrade from Ubuntu 14.04 on my webserver. Wish me luck.

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