me cooking: i hate cooking. cooking is a waste of time. I'll microwave some frozen veggies.
me cooking for someone else: I will follow this recipe to a t with the freshest ingredients from the farmer's market, I have never tourned a thing but I have youtube and a will to learn

tonight is another night of putting on headphones, blasting music and (quietly) jumping up and down in my livingroom

@Sir_Boops alternatively
find a youtuber that doesn't youtube monetize, but got hit with a content claim forced monetize
proceed to get murry purry in the comment section

Because of Warframe I keep trying to aim glide or bullet jump in Anthem, and in Warframe I keep trying to triple jump because of Anthem.

@Moot gotcha. It was a unique experience for me starting at day 1 where nobody had written guides and I had to take my own notes. Reminded me of gaming in the olden days.

@Moot it forced me to poke and prod and take notes and I felt like a researcher and I game over'd a few times (with little invested so no biggie). I kinda got the feeling they were going for, but if it wasn't in-theme I'd have been annoyed.

@Moot I liked it? The dev explains that they deliberately held back a lot of explanation so you'd have to experiment and take risks and I have mixed feelings on that rationale

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@Kye @tom this is too good, I'm going to have to copy it

Another side effect of spending a cumulative couplea months in NZ: realizing "yeah nah yeah" is a lot more versatile than "yeah buddy / nah buddy" but 1) I can't trust myself to wield this power and 2) nobody here would get it

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