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Every time I put on the good headphones it feels like a ritual, and also that I should apologize to the headphones because when I demo'd them in the shop I had an acoustically treated setting and in my home I have helluva street noise

Breaking out the good headphones tonight. First up, Cowboy Bebop soundtrack. Second.. Idk, binge Rush? 2112 -> Farewell to Kings -> Hemispheres always does me right.

Going to give kernelcare+ a go on the new machine. Once that's working I'll start migrating services.

Woke up and heard a squish while walking across the floor. Turns out I have another water leak. Sigh. Don't need this.

According to my Fitbit, every walk I take is a brisk walk.

Rolling up a green dragonborn ranger that's equal parts The Littlest Hobo and Robin Hood.

My current colo is "1u, 2 amps at nine fives" and ain't that the sign of the times

my home randomly smells like burning candles and I am not burning a candle and this is Concerning

Reached a new hair milestone.

Now when I headbang I can feel my hair on my chin even if it's dry.

Want to feel like you've forgotten something important every time you go out the door for about a week? Switch to laceless shoes.


Having easter dinner with family over webcam: not weird
Finding a forgotten cup of sauce and just downing it: unusual, but not weird

My last question about switching to firefox is how do I make sure my clicks go to the right profile

When Chrome was my default browser if I clicked on a link in my terminal it'd go to the last chrome persona window I had active

With Firefox it only goes to my default one

Is there a way to make firefox open urls in the most recently used profile instead of the default one?

@digitalfox @Azure thank you! I'll give it a look. I very much like the switcher and am not a fan of having multiple shortcuts (I have lots of profiles.) This could be exactly what I want!

@Azure is it easy to run multiple profiles at the same time?

@xipher does that allow you to have different plugin sets for different containers? Last I saw it was only cookie stuff

So if I wanted to switch from Chrome, what browser has something similar to the personas feature? Firefox with multiple profile shortcuts?

Alexa is good enough for turning the lights on and off but awful for everything else. I should switch to the clapper.

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