@trysdyn I'd keep my pringles can as a bluetooth speaker if it'd work after removing the wifi antenna and microphone. Just need a different thing to adjust the lights from bed.

At this point my Alexa is just a glorified clapper for my lights and I want to replace it with something less privacy invasive.

This is making me want to dust off the bottomless portafilter and put more effort into my espresso again


re: feminizing hrt, lesser known effects 

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LBT: Watching this rabbit video through to the end is essential. Such an adorable little brat.

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こんなにちゃんと入ってくれたの初めて…な気がする…( ˙∀˙ )笑

"Ah, this is a bright and sunny day, a fine day to.." *observes thermometer hit 35C* ".. stay in front of the air conditioner."

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Managed to get a full refund to my credit card (not airline credit) on the flight to Japan I'd booked back in February. Whew. I'd still love to go, just.. later. This is a load off my mind.

re: Covid 

I'm honestly conflicted 'cause all my American friends are saying "don't eat out" - but this seems pretty safe, my bartender didn't have to come to work and had CERB left, so I think this is okay and I think the staff feel it's okay? Thoughts?

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Chatted with my bartender off hours and he felt comfortable with the current arrangement, but if things change I'mma stop going.

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I haven't figured how to order a second drink so I just order a 1L glass instead of two 14oz glasses and grab a couple cans to go.

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Alright so I think I've found a patio I'm comfortable visiting.
- Only one cook in the open kitchen
- Masked servers
- Directional lines
- Order while masked up, order is set down on an empty table next to yours
- Bill when you mask up again

"Why am I so tired?" *looks to unfinished coffee* "Ah"

Last night instead of anything pleasant I dreamt that I had to replatforn our CI from concourse to Jenkins.

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