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Hm. The only policy I have set in that registry path is PasswordManagerEnabled set to 0.

Apparently some org can install/remove extensions from my chrome though, and I don't know which?

Somehow missed the French episode of Dangeresque until now

"Pre-order Borderlands 3 and get 10 free games!"

Yeah no I'll wait until I can preorder a key for a store that's not the Epic Store thanks

I think the Division 2 had the worst ending of any game I've played.

Spoilers in thread behind cw

Is the bunny's name pat or is that a command or

Even huge publishing companies can't work YouTube right.

It turns out that Star Trek Animated Series was the best of the bunch.


re: macro march, sizeplay, thread 

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Nobody told me I was shooting in 4:3 this whole time. But anyways here's Tongariro alpine crossing.

Good morning. I'mma cross that mountain on the left today.

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