I have a loft bed and a 25 pound weighted blanket. As the last step of making my bed I wear the fitted sheet and the blanket like a cape, climb the ladder and faceplant. And just.. stay there a while.

Changing my steam name for the first time in 16 years. Goodbye "no known aliases" box.

Now that I have snakesonae for snaketember I had to update the graph of which of my OCs loom over eachother before sizeshifty shenanigans

Okay more dragonposting. :>

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Another stream pic for
@tiff here's her dragon towing her bun on an exciting inner tube adventure! This was SO FUN to work on, I love painting water and beaches and action shots! Yay!

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Well this explains the power cuts. Stay cool y'all.

Google Music keeps erroring on me so I guess I'm off to spotify then

me: "A lot of my packages have been getting stolen or lost in the post. I'll place two orders of this record just in case, to better my odds."
merchant: *charges shipping twice*
merchant: *ships both in one package*

My groceries threatening me with a good time

Oh hey I found my Progress Quest save from 2009

Power went out. When everything came back on the CO2 meter was beeping. You can see without my exhaust fan the levels were at 1050 or so, even with the window open. I lost the logs from earlier 'cause of the outage but it was at 500ppm before. This is what one person does in a small flat.

Thinking about reading more and looked up my old book exchange sites. Book Mooch and Book Crossing are both awesome. I hear good things about PaperBackSwap too.

It's been a while since I dug into a thick paperback so maybe I'll cash in some karma.

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