Oh hey I found my Progress Quest save from 2009

Power went out. When everything came back on the CO2 meter was beeping. You can see without my exhaust fan the levels were at 1050 or so, even with the window open. I lost the logs from earlier 'cause of the outage but it was at 500ppm before. This is what one person does in a small flat.

Thinking about reading more and looked up my old book exchange sites. Book Mooch and Book Crossing are both awesome. I hear good things about PaperBackSwap too.

It's been a while since I dug into a thick paperback so maybe I'll cash in some karma.

re: Mystery of the Druids spoilers 

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re: covid-19 food vent 

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Netflix getting weirdly needy and thirsty in my notifs

If you haven't booked your flights to FE yet, there's a bunch of cheap flights to Toronto right now. Even for March 19th/20th.

Good news everyone, the Steam visual novel sale includes an animals + dragons category

This but there's a giant rabb trying to fit into a train car and she's got tote bags full of friends

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How does this game play so much worse now. I upgraded to a new computer with dual 2080s and I'm getting 16 frames per second?!

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Because it's

artists: @spectrum_shift@twitter.com and @chocosune@twitter.com

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