I bought the least expensive HMD lens cover on ebay without realizing what kind of artifact I'd be bringing into my home

I tried the new recipe reader app and the first results made me wonder if it the new site was performance art

Plaid flannel coasters? Plaid flannel coasters.

I spent 20 minutes looking for something to light a candle to open the wax seal of a bottle, failed, then in a fit of frustration yanked the sealed cork off

I found my first white hair. This can only mean one thing. I'm becoming my fursona.

It's Appreciate a Dragon Day and I'm sending some love your way too
🎨: @iPadunk@twitter.com
🎨: @chocosune@twitter.com


picked up this bottle of gin solely because of the label. Found out it's made of carrots that weren't straight enough for the grocery store. This makes it perfect for me, a not-straight rabbit.


Is this a TF trigger or do I plant these to grow foxes?

Ever since I read about how elephants view humans I've thought about how my minimacro rabbit and dragon characters would probably pick up grown furs for noseboops like they were puppies

my fursona wearing shorts and this hoodie, wild hair tied back, just kind of leaning out the window

They're as good as I hoped. Also hi I am a large kangaroo.

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Fav this toot and I'll order Garfield Lasagna

Apparently a meteor went boom over my city and I didn't even notice

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