I made a tall arcanist with the biggest floofiest ears

It's been 4 years since @iPadunk@twitter.com drew my bartender bun and I only just now noticed the heart shaped highlights in her eyes

Still one of my favourite renditions of my bun, thanks Padu <3

Bought and at least launched Phoenix Wright today because it's Christmas Adam

I remember 1% of what went on when I played the DS games so this'll be a fun re-playthrough

Computer starting going nuts and cranking the CPU fan and oh.. it's just steam updating

Pictured: me as a dergy
🎨1: @ipadunk@twitter.com
🎨2: @farorenightclaw@twitter.com (with Tazel Sixpaws)

Seeing a crowdfunder for "The World’s First Wearable Speaker" and thinking they're about 30 years too late

They're calling this the Tokyo Tote but it looks like a bag that you put a large dog into so you can take it on the NYC subway

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For bunnies and those that like them. Non-bunnies will receive complimentary bunny ears.