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Netflix getting weirdly needy and thirsty in my notifs

If you haven't booked your flights to FE yet, there's a bunch of cheap flights to Toronto right now. Even for March 19th/20th.

Good news everyone, the Steam visual novel sale includes an animals + dragons category

This but there's a giant rabb trying to fit into a train car and she's got tote bags full of friends

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How does this game play so much worse now. I upgraded to a new computer with dual 2080s and I'm getting 16 frames per second?!

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Because it's

artists: and

A long time ago I worked at an indie movie theatre and real life looked like this

Spending Friday night goofing around searching silly domain names, as you do, and why is a Premium domain

Remembering that time that IBM got a license to do evil


This is the least enticing free gift I've been offered. I mean, Heineken? Maybe if I was in Amsterdam.

Twitter had me marked as interested in tops but not bottoms and what are you trying to say exactly, algorithm?

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