Oof ouch oof. Thanks for the warning. Gonna alt+f4 and downgrade to finish the last level of the campaign first.

Hm. The only policy I have set in that registry path is PasswordManagerEnabled set to 0.

Apparently some org can install/remove extensions from my chrome though, and I don't know which?

Somehow missed the French episode of Dangeresque until now

"Pre-order Borderlands 3 and get 10 free games!"

Yeah no I'll wait until I can preorder a key for a store that's not the Epic Store thanks

I think the Division 2 had the worst ending of any game I've played.

Spoilers in thread behind cw

Even huge publishing companies can't work YouTube right.

It turns out that Star Trek Animated Series was the best of the bunch.

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Nobody told me I was shooting in 4:3 this whole time. But anyways here's Tongariro alpine crossing.

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