One of the best compliments I received recently was when I showed a picture of something completely unrelated and someone said I had a cute tea set. It was in frame but not the focal point. I was glowing for days.


A crop of the photo including my tea set. Please appreciate the tea bunnies.

@tiff Why am I not surprised that you have one of those funky little Japanese portable record players? If my amateur sleuthing is right, that’s a Columbia GP-3. And yes, I do appreciate the bunnies and your cozy tea set. 💖

@Alistor thank you! Good sleuthing. ❤️ Mine is a replica, I bought it to take to the reference library to listen to their record collection while working on the laptop. Looking forward to it once libraries reopen in a couple weeks.

@tiff Truth be told, I've watched enough Techmoan on youtube to learn that portable turntables were a major thing in Japan so it wasn't hard for me to look it up. In fact, he did a video on the Anabas GP-N3R a few weeks ago.

@Alistor yup! That's the exact model I have. :3 I've been aching for a portable turntable with a decent stylus for ages, and this fits the bill perfectly.

One of my travel habits is to go to a record shop and buy a few pieces from local musicians. I'll take it to demo used records, and to listen when I'm doing a flop in the hostel.

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