I just bought FF XIV and I have no idea what I'm doing but I'm going to be a bunny person

I made a tall arcanist with the biggest floofiest ears

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@tiff Ping me if you need any help! I'm not actually sure if you have access to Viera unless you also bought Shadowbringers, but at the very very least lemme shove a referral code at you!

@Balina thanks! :> I bought the bundle with Shadowbringers while it was on holiday sale. I couldn't not be bun.

Friend of mine might reactivate and refer me when they get out of work but thanks for the offer!

@Anarkat her political outlook is unclear. She went arcanist mostly so she could have a cute carbuncle familiar.

@tiff what data center are you on? I can help you with your adventuring if we're on the same one

@Tris_the_mouse s'fine, got some friends that I'll be joining up with soon :> thanks for the invite though!

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