Being in a hotel and getting addressed as <Honorific> <Surname> is still very strange to me

@tiff tbhwu i kinda revel in it a little. like for a tiny little slice of time, i can just lean back and bask in what it must feel like to be james bond


@nurotoxxyn I ordered my martini stirred and then I tipped well because I remember what its like to be in service

@tiff 100% Bondly, imo. Can't say I do hotel bars but I definitely do airport ones; bc that's the ones that make the most hearty Bloody Marys

@nurotoxxyn I hear that, but as a Canadian I try to order a Caesar :)

@tiff hah! is that what it's called up north, or have i just learned about a new drink?

@nurotoxxyn slight difference. Clamato instead of tomato sauce for a bit extra savoury.

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