Good and bad news from the backend side.

Good: enabling adaptive streaming suddenly made it work on mobile! Woo!

Bad: The player doesn't expose on-the-fly switching. I don't think Beta 3 does this, either, so I might end up editing it myself.

Ugly: the stats from tonight confirmed my fear that CPU usage scales linearly with the number of output streams - i.e., no matter how small the output is, the input it has to compress to get there is the same size.

The moment I switched it on, my CPU usage shot to 40% and never really dropped below that. This means I can't scale back from an $80/mo server to a $40/mo server - not and keep adaptive resolution, anyways.

It's frustratingly right on the *cusp* of where it's be more affordable to just save up and get a true metal chassis to run #osp on.

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@Almafeta I've had some success with rent-to-own turning to colo

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