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After repeated benchmarks I got my underperforming laptop up to the 3dmark average. I did this partly with a few tweaks and partly by taking so long to figure things out I brought down the average a few points.

Powerful feeling that I'm forgetting something but my todo list fine, so..

I'm sure that "furry with multiple fursonas, each with many accounts and passwords" isn't an intended persona when designing 1Password Family but here I am

Figuring out how Eye AF works on my camera by pulling up photos of animals on my computer and pointing the camera at it. Works surprisingly well.

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What's your primary OS?

Boosts appreciated for sample size :)

new laptop has shipped aaaaaaaaaaaaa

*increases the "troubleshooting hours spent due to smart quotes" counter*

I did not realize the beanbag I ordered came without beans.

If pan galactic gargleblasters existed I'd want one to wipe today from memory

this has been a comically bad start to the day and if I didn't have a deadline I'd just take a sick day

if you bump a slack thread and tag me before my work day starts I will be very grumpy

I feel that I slept 14 hours Friday night and lost a Saturday because I was working overtime the week before

How do I tell work I'm taking a day off because they ruined my weekend

I slept from 2am to 8pm and honestly that's a first. It's still dark out.

docker is now sending me email about licensing, but they don't know my last name, so it's addressed to Tiff Unknown and that's a pretty good D&D character name tbh

Hm. Bought my Surface Go in Jan 2019 but it doesn't qualify for an upgrade to Windows 11.

*wakes up 4 hours past her alarm, checks sleep report on fitbit* oh hey new high score

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