guess who's very fucking glad she had a kitchen fire extinguisher

Furcons talking about 2021 but our health minister is talking about 3 years of social distancing even with a vaccine

10 years ago: "These ads in the classifieds about growing tomatoes are actually about growing weed, because weed is taboo and they require similar conditions"
Now: "Weed is legal and the hydroponic tomato ads persist and after tasting - yeah I want to grow my own tomatoes"

Just got an ad for Uber Eats Pass, first month free. It comes with free delivery and 5% off. Question: If I join, does that 5% off come from Uber subsidies, or does Uber strongarm the restaurant into a discount?

Happy to burn VC dollars and add commensurate tip.

me: "A lot of my packages have been getting stolen or lost in the post. I'll place two orders of this record just in case, to better my odds."
merchant: *charges shipping twice*
merchant: *ships both in one package*

Unexpected bonus of wearing a respirator in the train: someone farted but the smell was attenuated

Maaaan Silent Running was not the movie I was expecting going into it

I started watching Silent Running expecting it was about hunting a submarine and.. It is not. Also, it starts with a bnuuy, so that's nice.

I'll never not smirk anytime I look at slack and see a channel with "69 members"

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Wearing bone conduction headphones and plugging my ears sounds kinda like I'm turning my ears into a reverb chamber??

My microwave is haunted and started turning itself on. This is the scariest failure mode on an appliance I've seen. I've turned it off at the circuit breaker for now until I can fix it.

I wanted to listen to tunes while I showered but didn't want to turn on the bluetooth speaker this late at night, and then I remembered I have IP67 water resistant headphones and danced like a goof in the shower.


One of my neighbours had been putting out masks and hand sanitizer, and I thought that was sweet, but turns out she's selling the place and doing viewings

Oh, I have a 4 hour meeting today. On further reflection it was a mistake to stay up until dawn.

My bartenders would shake my hand pre-pandemic

There was an awkward phase where nobody was sure what to exchange it with, and a 2m fist bump was kinda a thing for a while

But I started a local trend of the Vulcan salute in my corner of town and I'm proud


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