me cooking: i hate cooking. cooking is a waste of time. I'll microwave some frozen veggies.
me cooking for someone else: I will follow this recipe to a t with the freshest ingredients from the farmer's market, I have never tourned a thing but I have youtube and a will to learn

tonight is another night of putting on headphones, blasting music and (quietly) jumping up and down in my livingroom

Because of Warframe I keep trying to aim glide or bullet jump in Anthem, and in Warframe I keep trying to triple jump because of Anthem.

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Another side effect of spending a cumulative couplea months in NZ: realizing "yeah nah yeah" is a lot more versatile than "yeah buddy / nah buddy" but 1) I can't trust myself to wield this power and 2) nobody here would get it

I first learned about the Hedonic Treadmill from a history professor. He would build armor and weapons and demonstrate how they were used. Going to his class was basically Story Time except all the stories were true, more or less. (He ranted now and then about historiography and how ALL history is revisionist if only in what it emphasizes and leaves out and would recommend people who disagreed with him so we could look into it independently.) I took a bunch of classes with him, more than I needed for any requirement.

Anyway. He had season passes for himself and his wife to various things and if he couldn't use a ticket for some reason he'd give it to any one of his students who had no previous plans and promised to actually GO TO THE THING. With the injunction "Go. Have some art! No, I don't know if it's any good, I haven't seen it! But it might be. And there are /two/ kinds of happiness that you never get accustomed to and never get old: Experiencing art that speaks to you and learning things that interest you! Every other pleasure becomes the new normal and part of the background."

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