Uh oh

I tapped "clear all notifications" at the exact same moment a notification came in

what did I miss aaaaaaaaaaa

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I think the burnout's back. Might be a good time to take some time off work, especially since I've got some days to use-or-lose.

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entertaining myself on this fine saturday afternoon by pasting some emojis together. here is my new OC "muscle cat"

Remembering how the studio had to crunch to fix the Sonic movie and then still got laid off


Pls turn Queen into a transit priority street like King.

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Truck driver gets sick of waiting so runs a red. Blocks the intersection. Person behind assumes light is green and also blocks the intersection. I weave through cars, and one driver starts to back into me. And another driver honks at me for.. crossing during the walk sign?

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Honestly surprised how easy that upgrade was


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Why is Dual Messenger a thing

I have a terabyte of free space on this phone. I have 4 accounts. Let me install 4 copies of a messenger pls.

Or y'know messengers let me have more than one account signed into your app at once, that'd be good too.

Telegram has just added picture-in-picture mode so you can keep watching videos while doing something else, therefore making it the best youtube client.

Vent, food, mild - 

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I want to play Mario Hoops 3 on 3 on the switch and wish there was a DS to Switch adapter. Same with Bowser's Inside Story.

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