wow I really regret paying $69 for Earth Defense Force 5, and I didn't even try it within the refund window so now I'm stuck with it

It's Appreciate a Dragon Day and I'm sending some love your way too

MH, PH, ~+ 

finally started seeing someone about my issues with insomnia and now I have a sleep journal - I want to stay up and play videogames but that feels like I'd be turning in bad homework

Why is it 5C in the middle of January

ngl this whole sea shanty tiktok thing has revived my desire to pick up sailing

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picked up this bottle of gin solely because of the label. Found out it's made of carrots that weren't straight enough for the grocery store. This makes it perfect for me, a not-straight rabbit.

I hope that by buying every discord sticker set that involves a rabbit I am sending a strong message, and that message is the world wants more rabbit content

I forgot that WV was a state and thought it was like.. Wisvonsin.

Two hours until my appointment. Engage Waiting Mode.

So, now that Google is buying Fitbit, and Fitbit owns Pebble tech, can we get a Google Pebble? Week long battery smartwatch with apps and not too chonky? Please?


Is this a TF trigger or do I plant these to grow foxes?

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*reads CG guide to curly hair* oh hey I've been doing everything all wrong

Weather isn't as sunny as predicted. Hope it clears, I'd like to take a walk.

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adding some truffle oil to my hamburger helper because why not

Okay I had a meeting with my manager and it's not as bad as I thought, whew

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Work didn't want to lay me off so they put me on the one project I didn't want to be on. Sigh.

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