I miss board game cafes. Are there online board game facilitators? I'm happy to pay. I know of professional game masters for D&D and similar, but want something easier to pick up as a one off.

I needed 80mm fans. What do I do? Last night I ordered 40mm fans. I realized my mistake within ten minutes and put in a cancellation request, and woke up to "Your cancellation request has been declined." ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Gave my espresso machine a good workover yesterday after work. Replaced the gasket, cleaned the screen, scrubbed the group head and portafilter.

I had been eyeballing my grinds and now that I measured it turns out I had been underdosing. Today's coffee tastes so much better.

I can't tell which of today's scrapes are from installing the UPS and which are from repairing the coffee machine

Making tea and tried to pour 200mL of water and got 199.9g. Closest to perfect I ever got so far.

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Reminder to say rabbit rabbit rabbit as soon as you wake up March 1st.


Best case you have good luck for the month! But if no, you're reminded of rabbits, and that's good too!

I was maybe halfway through the story and don't want to restart. Maybe it's in my backups somewhere...

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... oh dear. My Wildfire save is gone. I kind of just assumed every game did cloud saves now and didn't bother copying things over to the new computer.

Anyone have a reference for the underside of an arctic fox foot? I know they're the only canid to have furred soles. I want to see how much of their beans are covered in fur.

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[poll] When I buy new socks I ...

The coffee scale I've been using to brew tea doesn't have an alarm when the timer hits a threshold, so I have a 50-50 chance of oversteeping if I get into work.

Restoring from backups because I deleted a folder prematurely..

Food, tea 

Still getting the hang of making tea. I bought a sampler of 15g pouches, so each steep can be no more than about 200mL. Training myself to steep lots of times instead of trying to make a huge pot.


I was rinsing rice in my sink when the head of my faucet broke off. I had a very brief wharrgarbl moment where I body blocked the water so it wouldn't hit my computer. Rice turned out okay and nothing expensive died but I never expected whargarbl to be a defensive skill.

hey so while I was washing rice the head of my kitchen faucet broke and I wound up spraying water to the ceiling and onto my computer because I live in a small apartment

computer is okay because I body blocked it immediately and hit the faucet off but drying the ceiling sucks

I spent 20 minutes looking for something to light a candle to open the wax seal of a bottle, failed, then in a fit of frustration yanked the sealed cork off

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