working late last night was a mistake, it didn't help anything and all it gained me was more work

bought yet another camera bag, this time it's small enough to fit into carry-on

This power outage is preventing me from playing Cult of the Lamb and that's unacceptable

uh oh, slack is down, time to take a nap I suppose

When I started getting into photography everyone warned me about the cost of lenses but nobody warned me about the cost of bags, and how you can really need a bag that matches the scenario.

Currently have 4 different ways to use android apps on my computer. I want it so badly but nobody handles all my cases well.

Bluestacks, Gameloop, Windows Subsystem for Android and DeX mode for those curious.

Going to set up a SMS gateway ahead of a trip where I'll have satellite SMS only, but not sure what sorts of stuff I'd want a gateway to.

Aurora forecasts maybe.

forgot I was wearing a hair clip so I was real surprised when it got caught on my chair as I sank into a deep slouch

bouncing the server a bunch more while I figure out this zfs issue..

Woo dist-upgrade went smoothly. Now if I can just figure out why I can't seem to create a zfs pool.

Pet peeve: Instead of displaying a 2.370:1 movie on my 2.370:1 monitor, I get a 2.370:1 movie letterboxed for 16:9 further letterboxed on my 2.370:1 monitor so I'm just watching this tiny rectangle in the middle of my screen.

Stay up until 4am fixing bugs, finally push my changes and the CI system is too bogged down to start a container before timing out. I guess that's my cue to go to bed.

"It's eod and I can't remember what the thing's crd is and I can't even remember what namespace it's in.. screw it, kubectl get all --all-namespaces | grep thing"

Not my proudest moment

aaaaaaaa this 2 hour meeting could've been an email

TIL about Snap Layouts on Windows 11. Awesome. I'd always missed ShiftIt and similar, now it's built into the OS. Just hover over the maximize button.

Putting up babyproofing foam on the crossbar of my desk was such a win. Way more comfortable to put my feet up, and also fed misinfo to data brokers judging by the amount of baby stuff I'm seeing in ads.

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