Turnip prices up to 177, Kicks is still around. New dodo code is KB73H.

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Kicks is here! Bells are at 156 for the next hour. is 1P6F7


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おりょうりへただな なにかおいしいものもってきてよ


Starting a new job tomorrow, please send me your luck

I def want to help my local barbershop but I'm also eating a loss on the GCs I bought for my bar so.. thinking at this point my extra cash should go to the food bank.

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Me, a month ago, at the start of things: "Oh this sucks, I want to help my locals"
My local bar: "We need help! Buy gift certificates!"
My local bar, a month later, on the news: "We're going to go bankrupt without help."
My local barbershop: "We need help! Buy gift certificates!"

Covid19, lockdown, alcohol, ~ nonsense 

re: covid-19 food vent 

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Last year I bought a bandana at
Furnal Equinox which included a built in pouch. It's a stroke of luck many times over.
1) Bandana
2) Support furries
3) Found a dollar I forgot about
4) Easy to insert filter medium
5) Looking good

covid-19 food vent 

if it weren't for turnips I'd still be in bed

I need to remember to take my Switch with me to sleep on Saturdays

I've been meaning to grow my hair out for a while but now I wanna know how to tame it?!

Who do I commission for a FaceRig Live2D rig of my fursona?

Covid-19, supplies 

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一歳4ヶ月 ブロークンオレンジ

As an introvert, my decision to commission stickers for Telegram & similar instead of a fursuit is now starting to pay dividends

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