Being in a hotel and getting addressed as <Honorific> <Surname> is still very strange to me

I took such a long and hot shower that even the windows outside the bathroom fogged up. Maximum relax achieved.

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I threw a bunch of coffee into my pack at the start of my trip thinking "this'll be enough", but halfway through I now realize it was not.

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Everyone is a furry because everyone has a fursona and it’s the imaginary ideal self that we all strive for. Also everyone has a fursuit and it’s the self that we present to the world while we hide inside

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Cashing in some karma at the hostel free food box because I forgot to pick up rice for this curry. Thank you to whoever kicked in.

I accidentally brought 4 sets of head/earphones on this trip.

Wanted to dial the credit card company and started dialing 1-800-<my credit card number>. This bodes well for the day.

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Oh no. I forgot to pet my Kubrow for a whole week. She was /grumpy/.

pacing back and forth in my room to get the last 600 steps for my daily goal like a normal person

why does chocolate chip pancake & sausage on a stick exist

Hhh I haven't seen the aquarium or museums yet. Okay another couple nights in Vancouver but I'll check the hotels first.

"Do I want to stay the weekend in Vancouver or Victoria?"
*reads about Vancouver hotel strike*
Victoria it is

Sacrificed another sock to the travel gods tonight

Last night was the first night sleeping in a stationary bed but I still felt like I was in motion when I wasn't looking out the window

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