Character with long hair and can fly. Getting ready for flight they...

Today I was coding to some recent Record Store Day purchases, many of which were 45rpm singles and that was cool. After that I threw on Tool's Lateralus and got into flow. Took a while to realize I was playing a 33 at 45 and listening to Maynard Keenan in chipmunk mode.

I have a completely new appreciation for Marilyn Manson now compared to when I was a teen during eg release of Dope Show.

I'm glad that gen z is killing genres with spotify mood playlists but I hope people don't forget the readers digest 10 record boxed sets ordered by mood and scenario

Fuck's sakes. What was all that about no service cuts? How is the library going to keep the same service with a 50% cut?

ever grab the wrong lanyard off your desk and discover the door to the office doesn't unlock with your furry con badge?

Wait, Phoenix Wright is out on PC? When did that happen?

tbqh kinda feeling a bit burnt out trying to log in daily to put a few hours into this Wolf of Saturn stuff. I want to get that umbral forma but.. ehhhh.

I don't think I can play a non-caster in pathfinder/d&d anymore because prestidigitation is too fun

初対面のきんむぎちゃん(@yopping_piece )

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